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We welcome all who would like to inquire into, revive, or continue to build a relationship with Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


We believe our Lord has a distinct plan for each of our lives and when we are in a relationship with Him, it is slowly revealed to us as He walks with us in life's peaks and valleys.

The Experience

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, we believe you will find that being part of this body of Christ will be encouraging, fulfilling, and energizing. We worship with lively praise music to reflect our love for our Lord. Our teachings reflect Scriptural Authority in areas of faith and morals and are our guide for daily living. Although we are a mission church, we plan to focus on offering outreach opportunities for all those in need and encourage all visitors and members to grow in their relationship with Our Savior which we believe is the path to a fulfilling and meaningful "abundant life" which God has promised us in Scripture.